The MCBONES Research Center Foundation has presided over, and is currently presiding over, the excavation and research of four mammoth finds:

- Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site - The keystone of the foundation’s work (ongoing)

- Fourmile Canyon Tusk (2013);

- Frenchman Hills - Tonnemaker Mammoth Site (ongoing); and

- Webber Canyon - Jones Mammoth (2014).

Another research site that MCBONES is presiding over is the Coyote Canyon South Hill-Mauldin Site (2011-present), where a camel bone was discovered in 2011. Even though this site is on the same property as the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site, it is researched separately from the mammoth site.

Information about each research site can be accessed by clicking the links above or in the navigation panel to the left.