The prospect of a complete (or nearly complete) Mammoth skeleton in Ice Age flood deposits, inspired community volunteers to seek a land owner that would protect the site and allow it to be studied.

Through the dogged efforts of a local real estate agent, the land was purchased by a local farming family who wished to see the site preserved and developed into a research center for K-12 teachers, students, and community volunteers from the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland) in Washington State.

In September, 2008, volunteers established the Mid-Columbia Basin Old Natural Education Sciences (MCBONES) Research Center Foundation.

MCBONES Research Center Foundation is now a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation, and a 501(c)3 public charity under of the Internal Revenue Code (Employer Identification Number: 26-3474017).

The Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site is the keystone site of the MCBONES Research Center Foundation.