Ice Age Floods of Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon

Huge Floods
Ice Age Floods Institute
Lake Lewis Chapter of the Ice Age Floods institute (Facebook)
Ice Age Floods Geologist and Author: Bruce Bjornstad
Ice Age Floods Artist: Stev Ominski

Other Washington State Mammoth Finds and Sites

Frenchman Hills - Tonnemaker Mammoth
Hangman Creek Mammoth
Latah (Hangman Creek) Mammoth
Moses Lake Mammoth
Wenas Creek Mammoth Site

Other Websites of Interest

Burke Museum - Seattle, WA
The Reach - Richland, WA
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Science and Engineering Education - Richland, WA
University of Washington Quaternary Research Center - Seattle

Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Washington) Stories About Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site

MAMMOTH: Kennewick students visit ancient bones - April 12, 2012
Tours of Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site offered monthly - April 30, 2012
Scientists establish age of mammoth found near Kennewick - April 30, 2012
Mammoth impacts of Ice Age floods topic of talk – January 1, 2013
Science shows Kennewick mammoth lived to about age 40 - April 13, 2015
Mammoth just one find at Benton County dig site – April 18, 2015
Kennewick Coyote Canyon mammoth dig to be discussed - January 18, 2016

YouTube Videos of Activities at the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site

Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site Play List

Other Media Stories About Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site


Other Washington Mammoths in the News

Seattle Times
Seattle TImes

Friends of Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site

Lakeside Gem and Mineral Club, Inc. - Kennewick, WA
Tonnemaker Hill Farm - Royal City, WA