School Tours of the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site

To schedule a Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site tour for your school class or school-affiliated group, please fill out and submit the form below.

School Tours are available as:
- in-person, on-site tour at Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site
- virtual tour via Zoom in your classroom.

On-site School Tours are open, depending on volunteer availability:
- throughout the day on Tuesdays
- Mondays and Fridays at 9:30 AM and 1:15 PM

School Tours last between 1-1/2 and 2 hours long.

School Tours are for groups of up to 30 students/teachers total.

All on-site tour participants must sign a Liability Waiver Form.
(parent or guardian must sign for those under 18 years old).

The Liability Waiver Form will be sent with the confirmation of a tour.

* indicates a required field.

Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site - School Tour Request Form

Please select the type of tour desired:
- In-person, On-Site tour at CCMS
- Virtual Tour via Zoom in Classroom
Please enter the name of the school and class or group requesting a tour.
Please enter the contact person’s name.
This is where we will send our response to your tour request. Please enter the contact person’s valid email address.
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School Tour dates depend on volunteer availability. Our School Tour Coordinator will work with you if your requested date is not available. Click in the field above and use the < and > arrows to navigate to a particular month from April to October.

Click on your desired tour date.
CCMS Tour will start at a time agreed upon by MCBONES and Tour Group. Please enter a time that you'd like to start your tour.
School Tours are for up to 30 individuals.

Please enter the number of people in your group.
Please enter the range of ages of people in your group.
Site accommodation of any special needs will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please enter any special needs that we may be able to accommodate for you or your group.

Note: Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site is a private site that is not ADA compliant.
This information helps with our site statistics and grant writing.
This information helps with our site statistics and grant writing.
This information helps with our site statistics and grant writing.
Please type the white number that's surrounded by blue We’re just checking to make sure a human filled out this form. Please type in the number.